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We can identify the right keywords that drive more customers to your website by using brainstorming sessions and advanced keyword tools to analyse competitors. We are here to find the right keywords to drive the visitors to your site via online search and increase the buying intent.




It is crucial to fully research the keywords that will generate traffic to your website as this provides a solid foundation for every SEO campaign.

You’ve got to remember that the right keywords will attract the most appropriate visitors to your site and these visitors would be highly interested in your service or product. There is a high chance that they will purchase a service or product from you and that should be the aim for any digital marketing campaign.

The Wedding Industry Digital Marketing Experts

We are work exclusively with companies and small businesses in the Wedding Industry

It may be easy to create an internet marketing campaign to increase visits but the majority of those people would be only seeking information and not buying from your business. There needs to be an accurate balance between creating helpful and engaging content that builds trust between potential customers and your business and content that to leads to your business goals being met. Your business goals could be email sign-up, registering for a newsletter, the purchase of a service or product or other action.

If you don’t have the right keywords and search terms then any SEO work would be either less effective or wasted.

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Services that we provide but are not limited to:

Target Audience Research – We will research your target audience demographics and find out what motivates them and affects their purchasing behaviour.

Collection of Keyword Data – We will collect raw data of monthly search volume and difficulty scores for 1,000+ search terms relevant to your wedding niche.

Right Keyword Selection for your Business – We will research the different keyword combinations and track each keyword estimated traffic volume. It is important to balance the choice of keywords with high search volumes, medium and low search volumes, which can be easier to rank highly for.

Local Keyword Research – We will work on local SEO to get in touch with the clients for your website. It is beneficial to obtain visitors who have been searching for your local service or product.

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The Wedding Industry Digital Marketing Experts

We are work exclusively with companies and small businesses in the Wedding Industry

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