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Intent-Based SEO is simply having an understanding of the user’s intent with whatever they are searching for. It basically refers to understanding what motivates the user.

This intent is something that cannot be picked up via an analytics dashboard and involves content, sales, marketing and a great understanding of your potential customer’s journey within Google.

The Wedding Industry Digital Marketing Experts

We are work exclusively with companies and small businesses in the Wedding Industry

For there to be productive traffic, there needs to be relevant content and also high user intent satisfaction.

SEO Research & Strategy – Using our advanced tools, we provide visibility analysis and strategic solutions. We will also look through where you appear in organic search, including your competitors, and decide the potential for increasing the qualified visitors

Qualified Leads Increase – Driving traffic to your site can be easy but it is complex to drive highly qualified prospects to your site. My Wedding SEO can search for the problems that the customers face and the terms they use to solve their issues. It is always crucial to track what the customers are searching to tap into that potential traffic.

SEO Content Strategy – The creation of high-quality SEO optimised content helps to increase your site ranking and draw qualified visitors through their buyer’s journey. We are here to help you plan and develop creative and effective content for your business.

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Services that we provide but are not limited to:

Objectives and Goals Planning – We will truly like to understand what your website and marketing objectives are to work out how it fits into the business goals.

Keyword Research and Assessment – We can identify that the right keywords drive more customers to your website through using brainstorming sessions and advanced keyword tools to analyse competitors.

Website Audit and Amendment – We will use tools to identify the SEO weaknesses of your website and plan to correct the issues. The things we will look at include Meta description, internal linking, crawl errors, sitemaps, link profiles and much more.

Tracking, Analytics and Measurement – We will ensure that your goals are being tracked, the analytics has been set up and you can view the performance from dashboard reports.

The Wedding Industry Digital Marketing Experts

We are work exclusively with companies and small businesses in the Wedding Industry

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