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Connect to your targeted audience through paid social ads.

At My Wedding SEO, we can help you increase your return of investment and reach optimal conversion levels through our methods of algorithmic targeting and optimisation completed from data. We will make sure that we also increase the visibility of the service that your business provides to your target audience.




Your business can reach a high majority of your potential customers through social media advertising. This type of advertising allows you to categorise your audience down to their job type and favourite hobbies to promote your business services and products to your ideal audience.

Social PPC is a more effective way to launch your ads to direct your customised clients to a particular service or product that you provide.

The Wedding Industry Digital Marketing Experts

We are work exclusively with companies and small businesses in the Wedding Industry

Social Advertising Channels

Depending on your objective, different platforms offer benefits from paid advertising. If there is a particular platform that has not been listed below then feel free to send us a message and find out what we can offer you.

Paid Social Advertising Channels we work with include:

Facebook Ads – A platform that offers targeted advertising solutions at a high level from converting awareness into action.

Instagram Ads – A visual and engaging platform that is perfect for advertising your business.

Twitter Ads – A platform where you can generate engagement and action through the high tempo feed of data.

Pinterest Ads – A platform great for company awareness with 55% of people using Pinterest with a buyer’s intent.

LinkedIn Ads – The largest professional network that enables you to target ads for professionals and businesses. A platform just right for B2B and B2C objectives.

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Services that we provide but are not limited to:

Social Media Marketing Strategy – We aim to outline a plan for your business and what we expect to achieve using your social media channels. 

Social Media Profile Creation – We can create a social media profile for you to build the trust of potential customers and increase the popularity of your business.

Conversion Tracking – We will set up a conversion tracker on your website to track all your conversions that matter to your business. Our PPC campaigns will be fully optimised to obtain maximum conversions to gain the best ROI for your business.

PPC Reviews & Audits – We will perform analysis on your current campaigns to see if they are performing well and check to see where we can help your business grow and become more efficient.

PPC Optimisation – Throughout the campaign, we will continue to optimise and produce tests to enhance the key metrics. This will help us improve the key metrics such as click-through rates (CTRs) and cost per click (CPCS) for your company.

The Wedding Industry Digital Marketing Experts

We are work exclusively with companies and small businesses in the Wedding Industry

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