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Effective Pay per Click (PPC) Management is crucial for the success of any SEO campaign—but not all of us are qualified to manage our own campaigns. 



That’s where My wedding SEO comes in. Our PPC management service will help your business to get the right traffic to the pages you want and help get conversions that turn those site visits into sales. We are here to advance your business to the next level by driving the right traffic to your website.

Our team will work hard to use powerful programs and software like Google Adwords and Ad Choices to improve your rankings with real results. We will also weigh up elements between Bing and Google and take our time to analyse the Google search trends alongside different search engine marketing trends.

The Wedding Industry Digital Marketing Experts

We are work exclusively with companies and small businesses in the Wedding Industry

We understand how important results are to you and we will dedicate our work to get the result that you desire. We will take our time to work closely with you as a valued client so that we meet your needs for specific online advertising and goals for search engine marketing.


Our main goal is to provide you with fully optimised online advertising that fully benefits your business. We are here to help your most valued customers identify what they are searching for. Just remember that in search engine marketing, Pay per click is one of the biggest revenue earners for your business so it would be very important to establish a strategic PPC plan.

Services that we provide but are not limited to:

·         Client Collaboration – We will work closely with you to achieve the search engine goals that were set for your business. You can receive the Return of Investment that you expect as PPC can serve you for the whole of your business lifetime.

·         Account Management – We will make sure that your account stays efficient by analysing the type, frequency and amount of clicks you receive and calculating the success. You will receive thorough Keyword Analysis reports and be provided with PPC Bid Management.

·         Keyword Analysis – We will choose the right keywords for your ads that will trigger them to appear in relevant search results. This will involve producing keyword research to find the related key terms for your advertisements.

·         Strategic PPC Planning – For your campaign, we will create a strategic goal and this will include developing a detailed keyword search campaign that captures the elements of the market you need while blocking out unplanned clicks. We will also be using ad copy to draw in high conversion traffic and implementing A/B testing for any changes in a dynamic market.


·         Landing Page Creation – We will set up landing pages for you that fits your advertisement and provides the right information for your audience. This will keep leads engaged with your content. 

The Wedding Industry Digital Marketing Experts

We are work exclusively with companies and small businesses in the Wedding Industry

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