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My Wedding SEO is the perfect blend of industry knowledge and digital marketing, and deliver a service based on experience. 




Alex and his father started WRD in 2000 with the aim of selling wedding rings directly to customers via the internet. Alex now has 20 years experience in the online wedding industry.

Alex trained as a jeweller at first and then with the business growing, managed the large increase in products to the database. Over the years WRD has grown and now has the largest online collection of wedding rings in the world.

Wedding Rings Direct grew marketing-wise through Wedding Shows and Bridal magazines, but with the emergence of Google in 2002 this all changed.

With the ever-growing reliance on digital marketing, WRD used a number of search agencies that Alex managed. He gained extensive experience over the years in the digital marketing industry.

In 2010 the international brand Kodega was launched in America, Germany and Sweden. With the launching of these overseas brands, Alex gained great experience in international markets.


With the increasing reliance on search and traffic, Google, Facebook and with SEO management fees increasing all the time, Alex created an ‘ In House ‘ Team that has now become My Wedding SEO.

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