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What is SEO? In short, SEO is the process of improving the visibility of your website on search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, and so forth. By positioning your website to appear at the top of the search results page, search engines can increase traffic and more people can find your webpage. 


At my Wedding SEO, we will focus our efforts on increasing the number of people who visit your website. Our team of qualified professionals knows what the modern customer wants and how to help them get it. We offer our clients the finest SEO services to make sure that their business will be noticed in the big search engines like google and Yahoo

The Wedding Industry Digital Marketing Experts

We are work exclusively with companies and small businesses in the Wedding Industry

Different types of SEO we work on:

·         On-page SEO – We will work on your page contents, your meta-tags, the links to your page and more. All of these elements play an important role in Google’s ranking algorithm and can have a significant impact on your search engine rankings.

·         Off-page SEO – We will work on off-page SEO methods that will rank your website higher in the SERPs (Search Engine Results Page). The main idea will be to get more backlinks to a website than the competing websites in the SERP. The techniques include:  – Guest blogging – Guest posting – SEO – Link building – Content marketing – Content Syndication – Social media marketing.

·         Technical SEO – We will focus on the service optimisations and backend sites that will improve your search result ranking. By improving the way a website is indexed so that it is more likely to appear in search results, technical SEO can achieve the results that you want as a site owner, potentially increasing traffic and sales.

·         Local SEO – We will offer solutions that will help you build your local online visibility on platforms, directories and apps where you’re customers are looking. A local SEO strategy needs to be put in place if you’re looking to reach more users on more devices and it is extremely important in capturing your customers in your area.


·         Intent-based SEO – We will focus on having an understanding of the user’s intent with whatever they are searching for. This intent is something that cannot be picked up via an analytics dashboard and involves content, sales, marketing and a great understanding of your potential customer’s journey within Google.

Services that we provide but are not limited to:

·         SEO Strategy Recommendations – We will provide you with continual consulting and guidance with your SEO strategy along with small detail changes to produce better web pages. We will also evaluate the progress made from the strategy that was implemented.

·         Keyword Research & Analysis – We are here to find the right keywords to drive the visitors to your site via online search and increase the buying intent.

·         Website Audits – We will analyse your website for any visibility issues. We will also check the traffic statics, Google Index status, site content inventory, keyword targeting and focus, HTML code efficiency and Moz’s Domain Authority Factors.

·         Internal Linking Structure Optimisation – We will use the top Internal Linking Practices to improve your website usability. We will also establish crawlable link structures that give out link equity to internal pages.


·         Periodic SEO reports – We will supply your business with regular SEO and project progress reports including tracking Traffic trends, keyword ranking changes, traffic sources, highest traffic landing pages and more.

The Wedding Industry Digital Marketing Experts

We are work exclusively with companies and small businesses in the Wedding Industry

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